Before and After
May 30, 2019
Before and After
May 30, 2019

Principles of Design
we strive to achieve in every project

Designing the perfect interior takes patience and time. Here are the key landmarks Sandra Damata uses to map out every design she creates.

1. Order

We must have order allocating each thing to its proper place.

2. Scale and placement of objects

Placement of objects provides continuity and perspective, especially if positioned deliberately in relation to similar objects. When properly applied, scale complements balance and can make the same room seem larger or more intimate.

3. Harmony

allows all the aspects of a design to work together through repetition and continuity.

4. Beauty

combines all the elements of classic style together with patterns and materials that please both the eye and the heart.

5. Comfort

a well-designed environment must be comforting on all levels, from the aesthetic beauty to the practical & functional ability and purpose of the space.

Together, these principals provide a map suitable for any design project. They are the keys to designing a comfortable, beautiful space ready to be lived in and used.