"Dear Sandy and Cheryl,
I don’t know if “life is a ball”, but it sure is a lot more appealing in a gorgeous house. I’m completely thrilled with every aspect of this house. It functions well and every room has it’s own special charm. Sometimes I try to decide which room I like best. Living room/dining room? The little den upstairs?. Mostly it’s my own area – the bedroom and the porch. As I write this my house is filled with family and friends but I’m tucked away on my porch enjoying my moments of privacy. Everyone who walks in here says “wow” or “Oh my God” or something similar. We love to give tours. And speaking of Barnes, he is most appreciative that the house reflects him and his interests so well. It’s so personal! Thanks again for creating such a wonderful house and making the process so easy."

– Regards, Jackie

"Sandra D'Amata is lovely, professional, and committed to providing excellence in home and business interior design. She painstakingly selects the finest accents and the results are breathtaking. Her unwavering attention to detail shows in the finished model. It is a pleasure working with her."

- Miriam Messer

"As a craftsman in the woodworking industry, I've worked with many interior designers over the years. Many of them are excellent. But Sandra and Cheryl at Sandra D’Amata International, INC take it to a whole new level. What distinguishes them from so many others in the industry is that she consistently places her customers interests well before her own. Sandra and Cheryl are professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to their clients. Working with them always is a great experience, since their projects are very well coordinated, and free of the typical problems that usually bog down large design projects, They are easy to work with and easy to communicate with, and are quick to resolve any issues that eventually arise. You know a good interior designer when the client sees them as family they trust their home with. And everyone of their clients I had the pleasure of working for only have praises to say about their design work, their professionalism, and planning. As for us, we are blessed to be trusted with the high-end work they have hired us to do. I highly recommend Sandra and Cheryl to anyone planning a high end design project."

- BOH Builders

"Thank you all for your hard work and your genius! We’re loving it already!"

- Charlotte & Hal

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