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For over 36 years, Sandra D'Amata and her sister Cheryl have created custom spaces designed to appeal to a range of clients. Their interior projects include a diverse collection of home, office, and commercial spaces.

From initial concepts to final execution, from detailed floor plans to conceptual models, client needs and the needs of their unique space remain front and center for each project. No design choices are simply assumed or presented preformed. In order to complete a project, Sandra and Cheryl take client wishes, needs, and personalities and then frame the work in a carefully balanced way in order to create elegant spaces that will bring years of enjoyment to all who enter.

When placing the finishing touches on a design project, Sandra carefully situates and checks each piece, from lamps to art and accessories addressing all of the client’s wishes and design principles to create a picture-perfect space ready for immediate enjoyment.

In 1970, Sandra Damata opened her own design company. Since then, Sandra Damata Design has worked with clients from around the world, from Brazil to Switzerland, from cozy condos to sprawling spaces. Sandra believes that every detail matters in each interior she helps create. Her hallmark style conveys a sense of balance between contrasts, with varied color palettes and unique textures that blend together in a seamlessly gorgeous whole. Her designs balance the beautiful and the functional. A seasoned expert in interior design, Sandra studied interior design in New York City, the heart of the fashion world. There, she pursued her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, the premier school of its kind in the United States. Her unique experiences and training allow her to guide clients along their own personal interior design journey, wherever they may start and wherever the trip may lead them.

I feel rewarded when the client walks in and says ‘I love what you’ve done’.


Cheryl Ferrara studied design at the NJ School of Fine Arts. There, she learned how to fine-tune a childhood love for beautiful places into architecture and functional living spaces. Before coming to work with her sister in 1996, Cheryl enjoyed a solo career in residential architecture and corporate administration. Since joining the team, she has placed a key role in almost every design project. Cheryl's training and expertise allow her to weave a range of different corporate and residential designs together with a finely-honed sense of the beautiful. Cheryl believes in working one-on-one with clients, to help them realize their dreams, to see their visions come to life.

Great Design is capturing the spirit of the client & essence of the space


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