Principles of Design we strive to achieve in every project
March 27, 2019
Principles of Design we strive to achieve in every project
March 27, 2019

Before & After
Interior Design

When Sandra redesigns a space, she changes everything about how a room looks without changing the room too much. She knows how to take what's already there and transform the space into a place of functional beauty. Here's how her projects look before and after.



Clients wanted a completely new kitchen, and Sandra gave them one - without sacrificing the cabinets and other core pieces of furniture. Some fresh colors and updated fixtures help to create a cheerfully functional room perfect for any kind of food preparation.


This casual dining space has all the same functions before and after the redesign, but what a difference new colors and fixtures can make! The fireplace, window, and sliding glass doors have all been elegantly redesigned. Bright colors and plenty of open space add cheer to a room perfect for eating and lounging.

Dining Room

The formal dining area needed even more transformation to match the rest of the house - and the client's vision of their personal space. New wallpaper and fixtures help to create a beautifully elegant dining room, where owners and guests alike can happily share food and conversation.

Family Room

Like the rest of this house, the family room had a traditional theme which the client wanted to honor while updating the overall look. The resulting redesign keeps the main fixtures while brightening the room, including the matching furniture set. The room has the same comfortable feel, with brighter and more accessible colors.

Living Room

Changes to the living room include a "vertical design" that makes the room and fixtures seem taller and bigger by rescaling and rethinking each piece. Even though it's the exact same space, it looks bigger and brighter.

Master Bedroom

This refreshing bedroom update includes a new chandelier and numerous touches to make better use of the space. Crown molding and corner drapes together with a brighter color scheme help to make a more open room that feels larger.