Private Residence

Private Residence

Come, sit, and get warm by a crackling fire in this subtly-shaded suite. Breezy blue walls, white trim, and colorful accent pieces set the stage in this comfortable private residence.

DATE: Nov 2018
TYPE: Residential


An entrance comes alive with Architectural details, a glistening silver chest and Sconces.

Living Room

A more formal seating area combines soft colors and a feeling of comfort and elegance.

Living Room & Window Area

Soft drapery panels allow lots of light in and allows the beauty of mother nature to shine through.

Dining Room

This dining room sets the perfect mood for entertaining with a touch of whimsy in the graphic wall covering that takes center stage.

Dining Room

The original dark from chandelier has been transformed into a crisp white sparkling center picture.


Gone are the days when the kitchen is hidden from guests. These finishes are meant for prime time with granite tops a dazzling back splash and crystal pendants.


An informal area serves both for breakfast or casual sitting for lunch or dinner.


A soft and beautiful wide open space offers plenty of seating area for guests to congregate, along with a generous cocktail table.

Family Room

The room calls for a symmetrical layout, with a high light on the fireplace and a crisp contrast to the colorful art.

Master Bedroom

This warm and inviting bedroom eludes a peaceful feeling along with simplicity and elegance..